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The First Martial Arts Fantasy MetaMMORPG

SageVerse is a "Free to Play" "Play & Earn" community collaboration based MetaMMORPG with player-owned digital assets and in-game currencies.

Co-Creator Marketplace

SageVerse will allow creatives of all types to engage the SageVerse gaming community to create game enhancing digital assets. Allowing for up and coming artist to build a portfolio while playing a next generation MetaMMORPG.

Play & Earn

SageVerse will employ a diverse economic structure to maximize the P&E opportunities at all levels of engagement, from casual asset collector, avid adventurer and hardcore gamer all on unreal engine 5.

Mission & Values

SageVerse L.L.C. sees a great opportunity to introduce the "Martial Arts Fantasy" genres of "Xianxia" and "Wuxia" to a Western audience by creating a fun, collaborative MetaMMORPG P2E experience. Where community members can play, engage and create, while retaining ownership of their digital assets.