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Suddenly one evening, a world-shaking supernatural phenomenon occurred and the entire Continent of StarFall was blanketed in darkness for nine days.

Since then, the Qi flow of StarFall has increasingly grown in density, ancient cultivation legacies have begun to surface, and signs of unrest seem to be developing behind the veil of peace and cooperation.

The Great Ancestor of the Nine Divine Extremes Sect sacrificed one thousand years of his lifespan and the regression of a small realm in his cultivation in order to perceive the faintest, almost negligible glimpse of the continent's future, before coughing a mouthful blood and directly fainting.

Upon his awakening, he directly made two decrees, the second of which was a summit of the Five Great Sects. The first, however, was to deploy the "Nine Divine Extremes Pavilions" and begin to gather and train the world's geniuses for the upcoming tribulation.

What is Cultivation

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The Paths of Cultivation

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Cultivation Realms

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The First Martial Arts Fantasy MetaMMORPG

SageVerse is a "Free to Play" "Play & Earn" community collaboration based MetaMMORPG with player-owned digital assets and in-game currencies.

Co-Creator Marketplace

SageVerse will allow creatives of all types to engage the SageVerse gaming community to create game enhancing digital assets. Allowing for up and coming artist to build a portfolio while playing a next generation MetaMMORPG.

Play & Earn

SageVerse will employ a diverse economic structure to maximize the P&E opportunities at all levels of engagement, from casual asset collector, avid adventurer and hardcore gamer all on unreal engine 5.

Mission & Values

SageVerse L.L.C. sees a great opportunity to introduce the "Martial Arts Fantasy" genres of "Xianxia" and "Wuxia" to a Western audience by creating a fun, collaborative MetaMMORPG P2E experience. Where community members can play, engage and create, while retaining ownership of their digital assets.